Will Lewis Hamilton lose his first F1 title? Massa’s legal team hopes for support in stunning 2008 twist!

**”Will Lewis Hamilton Lose His First F1 Title? Massa’s Legal Team Hopes for Support in Stunning 2008 Twist!”**

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In light of recent revelations, Felipe Massa, the former Ferrari and Williams driver, has taken legal action, aiming to overturn the 2008 Formula 1 drivers’ championship results. It’s a controversial move that could potentially strip Lewis Hamilton of his first of seven championship titles.

The basis of this legal challenge stems from an interview with the ex-F1 chief, Bernie Ecclestone, and footage of the late FIA race director, Charlie Whiting. This evidence leads Massa to believe that both Formula 1 and the FIA were aware of the infamous 2008 Singapore Grand Prix ‘crashgate’ scandal in sufficient time to intervene before the championship’s conclusion.

However, Massa clarifies that his objective is not to recover the “tens of millions of euros” that his team reportedly lost out on after narrowly missing the championship by just one point to Hamilton. Instead, his motive is to ensure “justice for the sport.”

But where does Lewis Hamilton fit into all this? Bernardo Viana, a representative from the Sao Paulo Vieira Rezende Advogados law firm which is defending Massa in Brazil, hopes that Hamilton will back the legal endeavor. In a recent interview with Reuters, Viana highlighted Hamilton’s importance in the sport, praising his consistent defense of sporting integrity. “He is an honorary Brazilian citizen and is deeply adored by the Brazilian community. We genuinely hope he stands with us on this matter. We hold no grudges against Hamilton.”

However, Massa and his legal team face challenges. It is publicly known that Ferrari, the team Massa drove for in 2008, has chosen not to support the case. Moreover, in the same interview with Reuters, Viana disclosed that the deadline for Formula 1 and the FIA to answer a Letter Before Claim has been pushed back until mid-October. This letter previously set a response deadline for 8th September. The reason for the extension is still under internal discussion.

“They have requested additional time, and we’re contemplating granting it,” said Viana. “We are eagerly awaiting their response. Should they approach us for a discussion, we’re open to it. But if not, we’re fully prepared to proceed with our established legal strategy.”