Unveiling the Exquisite 2021 Ford GT Studio Collection: A Collector’s Dream Machine

Ford GT Auction (carscoops.com)

A Rare Gem with Only 753 Miles, Number 3 of 20, Goes Under the Hammer in Glendale Auction

The automotive landscape is abuzz with anticipation as a striking 2021 Ford GT Studio Collection, numbered 3 out of the exclusive 20, gears up for auction at Mecum in Glendale this March. Amidst the C8 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 debut, this sleek Ford GT asserts its allure, offering collectors and enthusiasts a captivating blend of low mileage, artistic design, and powerful performance.

This particular Ford GT, adorned in Frozen White with Ingot Silver graphics, is a testament to automotive artistry. Boasting just 753 miles on the odometer, it stands as a one-owner wonder, encapsulating the epitome of exclusivity within the Studio Collection series. The exterior’s elegance is enhanced by 20-inch Satin Diamond Silver wheels, silver brake calipers, and the gloss exterior carbon fiber package. An Akrapovic exhaust system completes the ensemble, delivering both visual and auditory satisfaction.

Step inside, and this Ford GT diverges from the ordinary with a predominantly white interior, adorned with striking accents on seats and the dashboard. Impeccably maintained and retaining its pristine condition, the cabin narrates a story of luxury and minimalism. This rarity is powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbocharged V6, generating 660 hp and propelling the rear wheels through a Getrag 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, ensuring a driving experience that matches its aesthetic brilliance.

As bidding enthusiasts gather in Glendale, Arizona, the demand for this exceptional Ford GT is expected to soar. With recent auction results placing second-generation Ford GT models within the $1 million to $1.2 million range, this masterpiece promises to fetch a comparable amount, solidifying its status as a sought-after collector’s item. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of automotive history that seamlessly blends art, performance, and exclusivity.