Tesla Cybertruck Makeovers: Aftermarket Wraps Take Center Stage

Tesla Cybertruck (carscoops.com)

Owners Embrace Customization, Turning to Thick Paint Protection Films for Unique Finishes

As Tesla Cybertrucks continue to roll into the hands of eager customers, a trend is emerging: the rise of aftermarket wraps. While Tesla’s decision to offer the Cybertruck exclusively in exposed stainless steel may be seen as a cost-cutting measure, it’s fueling a surge in business for wrap specialists nationwide. Owners are increasingly seeking to personalize their electric pickups with a spectrum of colors and finishes, and aftermarket firms are stepping up to the challenge.

The latest eye-catching transformation comes from OCDetailing, based in Fremont, California. The proud owner of this Cybertruck opted for a distinctive midnight purple finish, complementing the truck’s flat lines and sharp edges. What sets this wrap apart is its thickness—it’s not your typical vinyl wrap but rather a robust paint protection film, twice as thick as standard vinyl by 3M. This specialized film not only adds a layer of personalization but also acts as a shield against rock chips, scratches, insects, and bird droppings. Perfect for Cybertruck owners who embrace off-road adventures and might not wash their vehicles frequently.

The protection doesn’t stop there. OCDetailing applied a ceramic coating to various exterior surfaces, including the gloss black roof rails and aero covers on the wheels. This added layer ensures a durable and long-lasting shield against the elements, further enhancing the Cybertruck’s resilience and aesthetics.

Recent weeks have seen a matte black Cybertruck and one swathed in matte white, showcasing the diverse customization possibilities. OCDetailing has been at the forefront of these transformations, also wrapping another Cybertruck in a chrome paint protection film, creating a smooth matte finish that turns heads. As Cybertruck owners increasingly seek distinctive looks, the aftermarket wrapping trend is poised to continue, turning each electric pickup into a unique expression of its owner’s style.