Will Joan Mir shock the world by racing Honda’s 2024 MotoGP prototype THIS Season?!

In an unexpected twist, Joan Mir has hinted at the potential of racing Honda’s forthcoming 2024 MotoGP prototype in the upcoming rounds of the 2023 season. This revelation comes in the wake of the recent Misano test, where the new prototype made its initial appearance.

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The Monday post-race Misano test had been billed as a pivotal point for Honda. Their aspiration? Persuading the eight-time world champion, Marc Marquez, to stay committed to his 2024 contract. However, after test riding the inaugural 2024 RC213V prototype, Marquez voiced his concerns, stating that Honda was “still far” from reaching the benchmark required for next year’s competitive season.

A focal point of this initial test was the unveiling of a new chassis. Interestingly, Honda did not present a new engine during the Monday test. Instead, the chassis was the same one that was previously raced by HRC wildcard Stefan Bradl during the San Marino Grand Prix.

When asked about his assessment of the bike compared to Marquez’s, Joan Mir expressed, “In certain facets, we’ve advanced, but not by a long shot. I did notice enhanced performance, especially with used tyres, aiding consistency. Yet, this being the maiden test, the results were encouraging. The path forward for next year remains clouded in uncertainty, pending further tuning.”

Despite the setbacks, Mir left open the tantalizing possibility of racing with the current Honda engine and the new frame for the rest of 2023. As he insightfully remarked, “This year felt more like a testing phase, so why not?”

On the performance front, Mir acknowledged Honda’s previous struggles with rear grip, noting a slight improvement with the new chassis. The braking and turning capabilities also seemed enhanced.

The upcoming assessment of the bike by Marquez and Mir is eagerly anticipated in Valencia this November. However, Mir remains skeptical about the impact of a potential new engine. On Honda’s decision to skip introducing a new engine at the Misano test, he mused, “If they didn’t present an engine now, it suggests any forthcoming change may not be drastic.”

Honda’s journey, as well as Mir’s decisions, will undoubtedly be under the microscope as fans and analysts wait to see if the team can make the leaps necessary for a competitive 2024 season.