The shocking reason behind Lewis Hamilton’s contract delay with Mercedes!

Mercedes recently provided an insight into the delay behind sorting out the new Formula 1 contract with Lewis Hamilton, one of the sport’s most decorated and celebrated drivers. Amidst the buzzing rumors and endless speculation, the primary cause was surprisingly side issues, primarily marketing commitments.

For avid followers of F1, the announcement ahead of the Italian Grand Prix was nothing short of a sigh of relief. Mercedes and the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton finally put to bed months of nail-biting speculation, announcing an extended commitment to one another until the close of 2025.

While fans and pundits alike had hoped for the contract to be finalized earlier in the year, the prolonged delay only added fuel to the wildfire of rumors. Some speculated Hamilton might be contemplating a departure from Mercedes or even a possible retirement from F1 altogether.

However, as per inside sources, both Mercedes and Hamilton consistently maintained that the pivotal elements of the deal were established rather promptly. The protracted phase was attributed to finalizing the paperwork, which inevitably involved legal counsel. Addressing the delay, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff candidly shared that finalizing the latest deal wasn’t any more challenging than previous contracts. It was minor issues, notably in marketing, that demanded extra attention and time.

Recalling the timeline, Wolff stated, “I think Lewis and I, we were clear on the major terms in June, July. And then just things were bubbling along, and then it was summer break. In the end, it was things about marketing, not really the big relevant topics, that took a bit of time. Sometimes with lawyers, it can take time, although ours are obviously splendid.”

Despite the racing legend not having secured a win since 2021, Hamilton’s prominence remains unwavering in F1. He holds onto the belief that he can reconquer the top spot with Mercedes. Hamilton’s undeterred dedication to grand prix racing has not gone unnoticed. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali expressed his elation over Hamilton’s decision to continue, attributing the Briton’s diverse fan base as a boon for the series.

In Domenicali’s words, “I am very happy with Lewis’ decision. He is an extraordinary driver and I believe he has only one objective today: his eighth world title. I’m sure he feels in great shape, he has a lot of confidence in the team and, from a sporting point of view, it’s nice to know he’s there. Furthermore, Lewis has been able to connect Formula 1 with very different worlds, which is undoubtedly positive news for Formula 1 as a whole.”