M-Sport’s shocking response to ‘Fake News’ rumors: Are they leaving the WRC?!

In a surprising turn of events post-Acropolis Rally, M-Sport’s future in the World Rally Championship (WRC) became the topic of hot debate. This occurred due to an interview with Pierre-Louis Loubet that was published in French media, hinting that M-Sport might be absent from next year’s Rally1 competition. However, in a dramatic turn, this controversial article has since been dismissed as “fake news” and taken down.

Despite facing a turbulent 2023, Malcolm Wilson, the boss of M-Sport, acknowledges the “dreadful year” marred with misfortune and reliability challenges. However, his dedication remains unflinching. Drawing a comparison to Formula 1 teams like Williams and McLaren, he affirmed, “All the ingredients and the resource is still there to get back to where we need to be.”

Wilson emphatically said “We will be doing whatever we can to try and find a way to stay in at the highest level.” He reinforced faith in the formidable team and the car they’ve built. He emphasized the team’s consistency, noting that despite being a semi-works team and working with lesser resources compared to giants like Toyota and Hyundai, M-Sport has maintained its position in rallying’s elite since 1997.

However, challenges haven’t dwindled. With the introduction of the Rally1 car, the sport’s financial dynamics have been shaken. The FIA acknowledges that costs have surpassed their initial projections, now actively seeking ways to curb this.

At the heart of M-Sport’s operation is their core business model which revolves around selling cars to customers. As of now, the sale numbers for Rally1 cars are bleak, having sold only two and just one to active competitor, Jourdan Serderidis.

Addressing the whirlwind of rumors, M-Sport team principal Richard Millener clarified, “I don’t think he [Pierre-Louis] spoke to the guy [the journalist] which is what is confusing me.” He dismissed the exaggerated claims, underlining the commitment of the team’s 100 staff and the relentless drive to retain star driver, Ott Tanak.

In conclusion, while the future may look uncertain and budgets ever-challenging, M-Sport’s determination to remain at the pinnacle of the WRC is unwavering. As for the fans? The journey continues, and it promises to be an exciting ride!