Debating Nissan’s decision on the EV concept: A strategic move?

NIssan new Concept (

In a surprising move, Nissan has unveiled the Concept 20-23, a gray and silver four-door hatch with flared wheel arches, black wheels, and a rear wing in Paddington, London.

This impressive unveiling commemorates 20 years of Nissan Design Europe (NDE) and showcases a vision for an urban EV created by the younger members of NDE’s team.

Nissan’s strategic plan involves introducing new electric models in Europe starting in 2025, well ahead of the anticipated arrival of solid-state batteries. By 2030, the company aims to transition to exclusive electric vehicle sales in Europe, aligning with environmental goals.

While the UK recently accelerated its target for achieving EV-only sales to 2035, Nissan’s decision to launch new electric models in Europe by 2025 suggests a proactive approach. With the Concept 20-23, Nissan reaffirms its commitment to electric vehicles and leverages the design freedom of a concept car to appeal to the preferences of young urban drivers in London.

The question now arises: Is Nissan’s choice to push forward with the Concept 20-23 a strategic masterstroke or a risky gamble? Only time will tell how the market responds to this innovative approach.