Volkswagen ID.4: The EV that talks to the mothership, literally

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Why Some VW ID.4 owners hear their EVs emitting sounds even when parked

Electric vehicles (EVs) are celebrated for their near-silent operation, but for safety reasons, they must emit sounds when traveling at low speeds. However, some Volkswagen ID.4 owners have discovered a peculiar behavior: their EVs seem to make sounds even when parked.

A video capturing this phenomenon went viral, featuring an ID.4 emitting R2-D2-like noises while sitting inside a garage. When Road & Track inquired about this curious behavior, Volkswagen provided a straightforward explanation.

Volkswagen clarified that the ID.4 produces these sounds when it undergoes a software update. During the update process, the EV temporarily disconnects from its speed sensors and CAN-Bus, components used to determine vehicle speed. This disconnection results in a software bug, causing the ID.4 to emit its low-speed sounds even when it’s stationary.

While some find it charming, Volkswagen is likely working on a solution to address this quirk. In the meantime, ID.4 owners encountering these unexpected noises are encouraged to capture them and share the clips, perhaps even with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos of “Ancient Aliens” fame.