BYD Tang: A Chinese luxury electric SUV with Audi-esque appeal

Tang Ev (

During a recent trip to São Paulo, Brazil, we had the opportunity to experience the BYD Tang, a three-row electric SUV that represents the pinnacle of BYD’s Dynasty series. While it’s known as the Tang in most markets, in Brazil, it’s referred to as the Tan due to the similarity in name to a popular orange drink. This top-tier SUV, priced at R$529,890 (approximately $107,000), showcases BYD’s commitment to luxury and electric mobility.

A Blend of Familiarity and Originality

The BYD Tang’s exterior design combines elements from various SUVs into a cohesive whole. It presents a handsome and robust appearance with a gracefully sloping roofline, reminiscent of luxury brands like Audi. Unlike some electric SUVs that opt for futuristic designs, the Tang embraces a more traditional look, making it appear as a conventional luxury SUV.

Inside the cabin, there’s a notable Audi-esque influence, particularly in the attention to tactile controls and material quality. The interior boasts Audi-like details, including quilted leather seats, glossy black trim, and brushed-silver accents, all presented in a brown-and-black color scheme. BYD’s center and instrument panel screens are praised for their sharp graphics, smooth animations, and responsiveness. The sound quality of the stereo system is commendable.

Comfortable Seating and Interior Details

The second-row seats offer ample space, a flat floor, adjustable backrests, and panoramic sunroof views. However, we noticed a lack of USB ports in the second row. The third row is less impressive, with a utilitarian feel and limited space.

Germanic Driving Experience

The Tang’s driving experience has a touch of German inspiration, with comfortable yet firm seats, well-weighted steering, and a responsive accelerator. However, the ride quality was less satisfactory, characterized by bounciness and a tendency to pitch over uneven roads. The suspension and ride comfort would likely benefit from refinement for a market with smoother roads.

Potential for the U.S. Market

While BYD has not officially announced plans to bring its passenger cars and SUVs to the United States, the Tang demonstrates the company’s potential in the luxury SUV segment. To succeed in the American market, potential adjustments such as increased range, competitive pricing, and refined suspension tuning would likely be necessary. BYD’s Tang, with its luxurious design and features, shows promise as a contender in the luxury electric SUV segment, provided it meets the specific demands of the U.S. market.