Rivian introduces max battery pack options

Rivian (Carbuzz.com)

The Arrival of Max Battery Packs

Rivian enthusiasts can now rejoice as the long-awaited Max battery pack option has quietly made its debut. Initially rumored for the R1T electric truck, this exciting development has also extended to the R1S SUV. The presence of these Max battery packs was first noted by avid users on Rivian forums, and we have verified their availability by visiting Rivian’s customer-facing website to configure our own vehicles.

Impressive Range Boost

The Max battery pack, previously exclusive to the R1T, promises an impressive range boost, surpassing the capabilities of the Large battery pack, which provides up to 352 miles of range for the R1T. With the Max battery pack, drivers can now enjoy a range of up to 410 miles, although the exact range may vary depending on factors such as the vehicle model, drive system, wheel size, and included package.

Range Variations and Pricing Debate

For the R1T, achieving the maximum range with the Max pack entails selecting one of the two dual-motor all-wheel-drive (AWD) drive systems, including the Performance variant, along with the default 21-inch road tires. Opting for 22-inch wheels slightly reduces the range to 380 miles, while choosing the All-Terrain upgrade, which includes 20-inch all-terrain wheels and additional features, results in a range of 355 miles.

Similarly, the R1S SUV equipped with the Max battery pack offers the highest range with dual-motor AWD systems and 21-inch road tires, reaching a maximum of 400 miles. Selecting different wheel options or upgrades mirrors the range configurations of the R1T.

The introduction of the Max battery pack comes at a cost, priced at $16,000, which is $10,000 more than the Large battery pack. This pricing has sparked discussions among Rivian forum members, with differing opinions on whether the added cost justifies the extra 48 miles of range.

While some argue that the Max battery pack’s value is questionable, others contend that it delivers enhanced battery charge capacity without additional weight, possibly due to advanced battery chemistry. Moreover, the new battery pack might introduce a different charging curve, though Rivian has not disclosed specific technical details.

Rivian anticipates commencing deliveries of the R1T and R1S equipped with Max battery packs in the upcoming year. Notably, the availability of the Max battery pack option for the quad-motor AWD variant is yet to be announced, with Rivian assuring its arrival at a later date.