Sebastian Vettel in talks for racing return with Jota Porsche in 2024

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The Prospective Return

Sebastian Vettel, the four-time Formula 1 World Champion, might stage a remarkable comeback to top-level racing in 2024. Talks are underway between Vettel and Jota Porsche, a prominent customer team competing in the World Endurance Championship with a Porsche 963 LMDh car.

Early Discussions and Potential Contenders

In a recent interview with, Sam Hignett, the team principal of Jota, revealed that discussions with Vettel are in their preliminary stages. As of now, no formal agreement has been reached, and Vettel has yet to test one of their cars. However, the prospect of Vettel joining Jota Porsche is tantalizing for motorsport enthusiasts.

Hignett also disclosed that they are considering other high-profile drivers for their 2024 World Endurance Championship Hypercar class entry. Among the contenders are Jenson Button, another Formula 1 champion, and Robert Kubica, a former F1 driver currently racing in the LMP2 category.

Fully Funded Endeavor and Pursuit of Glory

Unlike many teams reliant on pay drivers, Jota Porsche enjoys full financial support, partly owing to a sponsorship partnership with Hertz. Furthermore, the team’s livery, designed by Singer, adds a touch of prestige to their Porsche 963.

For Sebastian Vettel, this potential return to racing represents a golden opportunity to claim victory at the illustrious 24 Hours of Le Mans, a marquee event in the World Endurance Championship calendar. Winning at Le Mans would bring Vettel one step closer to the coveted motorsport Triple Crown, a feat achieved thus far only by British racing legend Graham Hill. Currently, Vettel’s achievement list includes a Monaco Grand Prix win, and he hungers for more motorsport glory on a global stage.