Open sesame: Honda and Acura vehicles now control garage doors via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Honda MyQ garage door tech (


Honda and Acura’s Smart Garage Integration

Honda and Acura have introduced a convenient and innovative feature for their 2023 and 2024 models, allowing drivers to control their garage doors using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This partnership with Chamberlain Group’s myQ Connected Garage service offers both practicality and accessibility to millions of vehicle owners.

Compatibility for New and Older Models

The exciting news is that this feature isn’t exclusive to brand-new models. While all 2023 and 2024 Honda and Acura vehicles will come equipped with this technology, it’s also available for “millions of older Honda and Acura models” that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This inclusivity ensures that a wide range of Honda and Acura owners can benefit from the added convenience.

Seamless Operation

The operation of this technology is user-friendly and straightforward. Drivers can establish a geofence, triggering a system notification when they approach their garage. The onscreen instructions guide users to either open or close the garage door, all with a simple tap on the vehicle’s interface.

Compatible Garage Door Openers

To make use of this feature, a compatible garage door opener is required. Fortunately, myQ works with most openers on the market, including those from LiftMaster and other Chamberlain brands. For owners with non-compatible garage door openers, Honda offers a solution—a “myQ Smart Garage Control device.” Signing up for Honda’s 30-day demo subscription provides this device for free, eliminating the need for an additional purchase.

Pricing and Benefits

For those who wish to continue using the service beyond the 30-day trial period, Honda offers two subscription options: a three-year subscription for $129 and a five-year subscription for $179. The primary advantage of this system is its remote functionality. Drivers can open and close their garage doors from anywhere, not limited by the range of traditional garage door openers or standalone apps. This seamless integration simplifies daily routines and enhances convenience.

Ready to Use

The new smart garage integration is available now, enabling Honda and Acura owners to experience the convenience of controlling their garage doors directly through their vehicle’s interface. It’s a feature designed to make life a little easier and more connected.