Tesla store faces lawsuit over alleged toll payment neglect

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Unpaid toll allegations

A Tesla store in Colorado is facing a lawsuit by Northwest Parkway LLC, an operator of a toll road near Denver, alleging that the automaker has failed to make approximately 20,000 toll payments, resulting in a debt of $34,000.

Northwest Parkway’s claim

Northwest Parkway is a short toll road section linking Highway E-470 and U.S. Highway 36 north of Denver. The toll road charges vehicles with two axles between $1.70 and $5.20. The $34,000 in question equates to exactly 20,000 of the lower-priced tolls.

Contractual agreement dispute

Northwest Parkway LLC’s complaint argues that the continuous use of its road by vehicles registered to Tesla Inc. implies consent and agreement to the toll road’s terms of use, creating a binding contract between the two parties. Failure to pay toll bills on time is considered a breach of this contract, which may subject Tesla Inc. to additional fees and legal action.

Corporate responsibility

As Tesla operates a direct-to-consumer business model, it is held accountable for the actions of the Tesla store in Littleton, Colorado. This isn’t the first instance where a company associated with Elon Musk has faced accusations of delayed payments or neglecting financial obligations.

Past incidents

In June, a judge approved the eviction of X Corp. (formerly Twitter), recently acquired by Musk, from an office in Boulder, Colorado, due to an alleged $179,000 rent arrearage. Furthermore, another company in the same city filed a lawsuit against X Corp. in May, claiming nearly $100,000 in unpaid bills related to cleaning services.