Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS 2024: More power and extended range for the high-performance electric SUV

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Continuous Evolution
Skoda’s commitment to innovation takes center stage as they announce significant upgrades for the 2024 Enyaq Coupe RS, a mere two years after its initial launch in January 2022. Even the conventionally shaped Enyaq RS, introduced in October 2022, is a newcomer compared to its coupe counterpart. In October 2023, these dynamic models receive two pivotal enhancements – increased power and extended range.

Enhanced Power and Performance
The 2024 model year marks the arrival of the Enyaq Coupe RS with a remarkable boost in power, gaining an additional 40 horsepower. The dual electric motors now generate a combined 335 hp, solidifying the Enyaq Coupe RS’s position as Skoda’s most powerful production car. This increase in power translates into quicker acceleration, with the 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint completed in just five and a half seconds, a full second faster than the previous model.

Balancing Power and Efficiency
While more power often means reduced range, the 2024 Enyaq defies this convention. Skoda has recalibrated the electric motors and introduced new power management software, resulting in an additional 15 miles of range for the regular RS, for a total of 336 miles (541 kilometers) on the WLTP cycle. Opting for the “coupe” variant provides an extra 16 miles (26 kilometers), offering an impressive 340 miles (547 kilometers) of WLTP-rated range.

Faster Charging and Enhanced Technology
Skoda continues to improve the Enyaq’s charging capabilities, increasing the DC charging speed from 135 kW to 175 kW. This upgrade significantly reduces charging time, allowing the battery to reach an 80 percent charge in approximately 28 minutes. Additionally, the 2024 model year brings refinements to the digital instrument cluster, head-up display, and infotainment system. Earlier this year, Skoda introduced the luxury-oriented Laurin & Klement trim level, further expanding the Enyaq’s appeal.

Looking Ahead to the Future
Skoda’s forward-thinking approach doesn’t stop at these enhancements. The brand has already teased the second-generation Enyaq, slated for a 2025 release. This new iteration promises sleeker design elements, including a sibling with a sloping roofline, poised to make a mark in the evolving electric vehicle market.

In summary, the 2024 Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS showcases the brand’s dedication to continuous improvement, offering more power, increased range, faster charging, and updated technology. With the impending arrival of the second-generation Enyaq, Skoda sets its sights on an exciting and innovative electric vehicle future.