Mustang owner transforms 2024 GT into lightning McQueen lookalike

Ford Mustang GT (

The 2024 Ford Mustang GT has been capturing the hearts of enthusiasts young and old wherever it roams. One proud owner, Andy De La Vega, who recently acquired his brand-new sports coupe, has turned it into a real-life Lightning McQueen lookalike, spreading joy wherever he goes.

Known as “McQueen Atlanta” on social media, De La Vega embarked on this project with the aim of bringing happiness to people’s lives. His journey began with a sixth-generation Mustang S550, which gained popularity on social media during the pandemic—a perfect time for a vehicle inspired by the spirited character of McQueen to uplift spirits.

Months ago, De La Vega upgraded to the S650 model and meticulously documented the transformation process on Instagram. He faithfully recreated the iconic Lightning McQueen livery from the Pixar film, complete with the recognizable number 95, lightning and flames graphics, and “Rust-eze” sponsor decals. To mimic the “eyes” seen on Cars franchise characters, the Mustang even received a transparent windshield wrap.

Under the hood, the Mustang’s naturally aspirated 480-horsepower V8 engine remains untouched. However, to capture McQueen’s low-to-the-ground stance, it was equipped with lowering springs. Unlike some full-size Lightning McQueen replicas that modify the body extensively, this Mustang retains its stock body panels.

While the Lightning McQueen Mustang GT may appear busy to adult eyes or car enthusiasts, it has become a sensation among kids and the young at heart. De La Vega is open to taking it to events like birthday parties, where it undoubtedly brings smiles and excitement.

As the Lightning McQueen Mustang GT roars down the road, fans can’t help but wonder if it might one day find its own Sally Carrera, the character’s love interest modeled after a 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Although Porsche created a real-life equivalent called the 911 Sally Special, it remains an exceptionally rare one-off, having sold for a staggering $3.6 million at auction last year.