Lexus files trademark for LFA name, hinting at its upcoming supercar

Lexus Elecrtified Sport (

Lexus made headlines in late 2021 by confirming the development of a spiritual successor to the iconic LFA supercar. Although the new model is still a few years away, a recent trademark application has ignited speculation about its name. In August, Toyota Motor Corporation filed a trademark application for the “LFA” word mark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

While it’s too early to determine the new supercar’s official name, the trademark filing has reignited interest in the LFA badge. When Lexus first teased the project nearly two years ago, it referred to it as the “Lexus Electrified Sport,” a name that lacked excitement. “LFA” seems like a more fitting choice, but it’s worth noting that the filing might simply be a move to protect the brand’s intellectual property, with no guarantee that Lexus will use the name again.

Regardless of its name, Lexus has provided some initial specifications for the upcoming battery-electric supercar. It will incorporate lessons learned from the development of the LFA and is expected to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in the low two-second range. Additionally, it will offer a maximum driving range exceeding 435 miles, feature steer-by-wire technology, torque vectoring, and utilize carbon fiber construction.

Lexus intends to design the vehicle to accommodate solid-state batteries, although Toyota is not planning to implement them in vehicles until 2025, initially in hybrid models. The powertrain configuration remains undisclosed, leaving questions about whether it will have a single- or dual-motor setup with rear- or all-wheel drive. Interestingly, while the successor to the LFA will be electric, Lexus plans to retain a manual transmission option, possibly simulating the experience through software. The use of carbon fiber and in-house-designed batteries will offer engineers greater flexibility in the vehicle’s layout.

In addition to the electric successor to the LFA, Lexus is working on a combustion-powered vehicle, possibly a road-legal version of the Toyota GR GT3 concept, which may carry the Lexus badge. This development suggests that two new performance vehicles are likely to join the brand’s lineup in the near future, with the “LFA” nameplate possibly making a comeback. However, specific details about their release dates remain undisclosed.