Nissan’s Warrior off-road lineup explores new territories

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Nissan’s Warrior off-road vehicle concept, born out of a collaboration between Nissan Australia and Premcar, is making waves in its home market. The lineup, which began with the Navara N-TREK Warrior in 2019 and expanded to include the Pro-4X Warrior and SL Warrior, has been met with enthusiasm, with over 6,000 Warriors already on Australian roads. However, discussions are underway to take this rugged lineup beyond its Australian roots and into South Africa and the Middle East.

In Australia, the Navara Warrior is available in two variants, the flagship PRO-4X and the entry-level SL, with prices starting at $58,750 or upwards of R720,000, depending on exchange rates. Competing models like the Ford Ranger Wildtrak X and Toyota Hilux GR-S have entered the off-road-focused bakkie segment to challenge the Warrior’s popularity since its debut. Bernie Quinn, head of Premcar, has been in advanced discussions with Nissan South Africa about the possibility of producing a South African version of the Navara Warrior. While it may look the same as the Australian model, differences in the engine and chassis would require additional tuning and development.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, there are early discussions about introducing the Nissan Patrol Warrior. Currently, the Middle Eastern market offers a NISMO version of the Y62 Patrol, which is more road-oriented. With the Y61 Patrol, known for its off-road capabilities, nearing the end of its production cycle, the potential for a Y62 Patrol Warrior to cater to off-road enthusiasts in the region is being explored. While Nissan South Africa has yet to confirm the details, the possibility of these Warrior models venturing into new territories signals exciting developments for off-road vehicle enthusiasts worldwide.