The end of an era: Marc Marquez and Honda’s MotoGP journey

Marc Marquez (

The partnership between Marc Marquez and Honda has been one of unparalleled success in the world of MotoGP. It all began in 2013 when Honda brought the Moto2 champion into the premier class, resulting in immediate triumph as Marquez secured his first grand prix victory in just his second race. The rookie sensation went on to clinch the championship that year and followed up with another title in 2014. However, this union, which seemed indomitable, has now come to an end, with Marquez leaving Honda, marking the end of an era in MotoGP.

The turning point can be traced back to the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix when Marquez fractured his right humerus in a crash. Despite an early-season injury, he tried to make a heroic return but suffered setbacks that led to a series of surgeries and a year-and-a-half-long recovery period. During this time, Honda lost its competitive edge, and the RC213V took a different development path. The rift between Marquez and Honda began to form.

In 2023, Marquez’s frustration grew as he felt Honda was not addressing the bike’s deficiencies. He openly voiced his concerns and met with Honda executives to push for structural changes within the company’s technical division. A disastrous race weekend at the Sachsenring, where he suffered five crashes, made Marquez rethink his approach to racing. He decided not to risk further injuries for lower finishes, a significant departure from his fearless style.

The uncertainty continued through August and September, with Marquez contemplating his future at Honda. Honda’s inability to finalize hiring plans for European engineers further strained the relationship. Eventually, the divorce became inevitable. In October 2023, after a series of meetings, both parties mutually agreed to part ways, marking the end of the most successful partnership in Honda’s MotoGP history.

The announcement on October 4, 2023, marked the end of an era in MotoGP, leaving fans and the motorsport world in anticipation of what the future holds for Marc Marquez and Honda.