Qatar Grand Prix: New kerbs raise concerns among F1 drivers

Tsunoda (

As Formula 1 returns to Qatar for the 2021 race, drivers have expressed concerns about the revised kerbs at the Lusail venue. In preparation for the event, organizers undertook extensive renovations at the track, including resurfacing and revising the kerbs.

While the changes were initially seen as a positive step to address kerb-related punctures that plagued the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix, some drivers are now worried that the new kerb design might pose an even greater risk to their cars. The current generation of F1 cars relies heavily on ground effect, running close to the ground, making them susceptible to damage from raised surfaces like aggressive kerbs.

Yuki Tsunoda, a driver for AlphaTauri, expressed his team’s concerns, describing the new kerbs as “floor destroyers.” He pointed out that the transition between the kerb and the run-off area is particularly problematic, as it can cause a car running wide to suffer significant damage underneath.

Tsunoda explained that while driving on the kerbs themselves might not be an issue, once a car steps off the kerbs, it can experience a “complete sliding effect” due to the uneven surface. Given the high-speed nature of the Qatar circuit, the risk of damage to the low-sitting F1 cars is a major concern.

The drivers’ worries about the aggressive kerbs raise questions about the potential impact on the race and the need for further adjustments to ensure driver safety and car integrity during the Qatar Grand Prix.