Renault and Volvo collaborate to develop next-gen electric vans for Decarbonized Logistics

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New Company to Produce Electric Vans with Innovative Features and Lower Operational Costs

Renault Group and Volvo Group are teaming up to tackle the growing demand for decarbonized and efficient logistics by establishing a new company dedicated to developing a next-generation fleet of electric vans. They are also actively seeking the participation of CMA CGM in this venture, while continuing to explore further investments and partnerships. The production of these electric vans is scheduled to commence in 2026.

These electric vans will be built upon an all-new, fully electric LCV skateboard platform, designed to provide exceptional modularity for various body types at a competitive cost and set new safety standards. Leveraging the innovative Software Defined Vehicle architecture, these vehicles will have advanced capabilities to monitor delivery activities and business performance, resulting in a 30% reduction in overall usage costs for logistics providers. The technology will also enable continuous vehicle updates, ensuring that customers have access to the latest features throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. The vans will offer ample urban mobility capacity, versatility for customized solutions, various battery capacities, and an unprecedented 800V feature.

The new company will operate independently, combining the agility of a startup with the substantial support of its industry-leading partners. Renault Group and Volvo Group plan to share R&D investments and leverage their expertise, services, and industrial infrastructure to ensure the new venture’s success. Renault Group will contribute its extensive knowledge in developing and manufacturing electric platforms, incorporating the Software Defined Vehicle architecture. Volvo Group, with its strong presence in the trucking industry and expertise in uptime and productivity services, will provide comprehensive solutions for decarbonized urban logistics.

CMA CGM, a global player in the supply chain, intends to offer its support to the new company in creating solutions that cater to the diverse needs of transport and supply chain stakeholders, focusing on end-to-end efficiency.

The joint venture is expected to commence operations in early 2024, subject to regulatory approvals. CMA CGM’s participation will also depend on the completion of the regulatory approval process. The new company will have its own corporate identity and will be headquartered in France. Renault Group and Volvo Group have a longstanding partnership in the light commercial vehicle segment, with a history dating back over 35 years, evident through the distribution of Renault Master and Trafic commercial vehicles in both networks.