Rare opportunity: A nearly untouched 1949 MG TC emerges from history

MG 1949 (carscoops.com)

Experience Classic MG Charm with a Pristine 74-Year-Old British Roadster

MG is making waves in the sports car market with the launch of its electric roadster, the Cyberster. However, for some die-hard fans, the allure of a classic, “real” MG from the past remains irresistible. Fortunately, a remarkable opportunity has emerged for those yearning for a piece of MG history.

This 1949 MG TC, while not entirely unused, is as close to new as one could hope for, having traveled a mere 833 miles (1,341 km) since its creation 74 years ago. Built during a time when MG was enjoying booming sales in America, this TC’s unique journey took it to South Africa before eventually settling in New Zealand. Acquired by its current owner around seven years ago, the MG has been preserved so well that it’s become a cherished collector’s item.

The TC’s original charm and authenticity remain intact, making it a rare find among classic car enthusiasts. While its 1,250 cc engine may not deliver modern performance, the nostalgia and character it exudes are priceless. In contrast, MG’s latest Cyberster offers cutting-edge electric power, but for those seeking an authentic MG experience, this meticulously preserved TC is an unparalleled opportunity. Plus, it won’t engage in any unexpected vehicular antics, unlike some of its contemporary counterparts. With a price tag of £75,000 ($91,500), this MG TC may be an investment worth seizing for those with a passion for classic British roadsters.