All-electric Porsche 718 Boxster spotted with sleek lights and unique wheels

Porsche 718 Boxster EV (

Signature lights and innovative wheels hint at upcoming EV’s features

The forthcoming all-electric Porsche 718 Boxster has made another appearance, showcasing what could potentially be production-ready lighting elements at the front and rear. Additionally, a new wheel design has been spotted, hinting at its likely inclusion as a standard feature on the top-tier model.

Illuminating details
The vehicle’s headlights reveal the familiar daytime running lights that are now synonymous with Porsche. Notably, this particular model seems to feature Porsche’s HD Matrix LED lights, which were introduced as an optional upgrade on the 2023 Cayenne and are expected to be available on the upcoming Panamera facelift as well.

Given that the 718 serves as Porsche’s entry-level offering, it’s highly likely that these advanced headlights will be offered as optional extras. For reference, these powerful headlights come with a price tag of $1,700 as an option for the Cayenne, so a similar cost could be expected for the 718.

Slim and elegant
While the taillights are still concealed under protective plastic, their design suggests they will be slender units, possibly connected by an LED light bar. Porsche began incorporating slimmer lights after the introduction of the Taycan, a design choice that adds a touch of sophistication and sportiness to the lineup.

Despite the promising lighting features, it’s worth noting that the front and rear bumpers are far from being finalized for production. The front, in particular, showcases air vents seemingly borrowed from the current 718 model, attached with temporary tape. The rear bumper, meanwhile, features imitation exhaust elements and some unusual dents and dimples. While these aspects will inevitably be refined for production, the central rear charging port is expected to remain, with hopes for improved integration.

However, one detail that remains uncertain is the type of charging port the 718 will employ for the U.S. market – whether it will be a CCS charge port or Tesla’s NACS.

An elegant and electric evolution
Overall, the all-electric Porsche 718 Boxster appears to be a visually appealing vehicle. It remains faithful to the design philosophy of the Boxster and Cayman while incorporating distinctive EV design elements. Beyond aesthetics, Porsche has made extensive efforts to ensure that the electric 718 retains the same dynamic handling characteristics.

For those not yet ready to make the transition to an electrified Boxster or those who prefer the traditional engine note, Porsche has hinted that current combustion-engine 718 models will continue to coexist with their electric counterparts, contingent on market demand.

While the current gasoline-powered 718 Boxster and Cayman models may have been around for a while, they continue to excel in their segment. Looking ahead to 2030, Porsche anticipates that 80% of its lineup will consist of electric models, with the iconic 911 being the sole model expected to remain powered by combustion.

Automotive enthusiasts can look forward to the evolution of Porsche’s offerings as the transition to electrification unfolds.