Daihatsu unveils adorable off-road mini sports car concept, the Osanpo

Uber-Cute Daihatsu Osanpo (carbuzz.com)

Daihatsu’s quirky Osanpo concept is an electric miniature sports car designed for outdoor adventures

At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (Tokyo Motor Show), Daihatsu has introduced an endearing new concept car called the Osanpo. This miniature drop-top sports car captures attention with its charming design and off-road-oriented features. As part of the Toyota Group, Daihatsu has a reputation for creating quirky vehicles, and the Osanpo certainly lives up to that tradition.

A Quirky and approachable design
The name “Osanpo” translates to “a walk” in English, reflecting the car’s friendly and non-threatening appearance. Its front fascia boasts round headlamps with Mini-style daytime running lights, creating an inviting expression. Square auxiliary lights are incorporated into the black plastic bumper, and the wheel arch trims smoothly flow from the front fenders into the bumper. Exposed springs and shock absorbers contribute to the Osanpo’s beach buggy-inspired look, along with chunky tires, practical bumpers, and increased ride height.

Supporting an active lifestyle
Daihatsu describes the Osanpo’s design as one that “supports a fun life,” implying its appeal to individuals who enjoy outdoor adventures and an active lifestyle. While it may not be a full-fledged off-roader, the elevated ground clearance allows it to navigate rugged terrain with ease.

Compact and characterful
The Osanpo is an electric vehicle, although specific power and performance details have not yet been disclosed. The car’s electric drivetrain contributes to its character, offering a quiet and serene driving experience. Despite its diminutive size, measuring just 133.6 inches in length, 57 inches in width, and 52.4 inches in height, the Osanpo has a wheelbase comparable to that of a Mini Cooper Convertible, measuring 96 inches.

Simplistic interior
Inside the Osanpo, simplicity reigns supreme. The cabin features a basic two-spoke steering wheel and a compact instrumentation cluster. The dashboard appears to be constructed from transparent perspex material and lacks many visible controls. It is possible that a concealed touchscreen or other interface elements are not required in this concept vehicle.

While the Osanpo is an intriguing concept, it may not find its way to the United States. However, Daihatsu’s parent company, Toyota, has teased other concepts like the Vision Copen, which could potentially serve as a future rival to the Mazda Miata if brought to production.