Formula 1 CEO downplays prospect of a return to tire war

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Stefano Domenicali dismisses the idea of multiple tire suppliers, citing cost control as the main priority

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has dismissed the idea of reintroducing a tire war in the sport. Previously, F1 regulated two separate tire suppliers between 2001 and 2006, with Bridgestone and Michelin as prominent fixtures. However, Michelin withdrew at the end of that period, leaving Bridgestone as the sole supplier until it also exited after 2010. Pirelli has been F1’s sole tire supplier since 2011, and it was recently announced that the Italian company had secured a three-year extension.

When asked why Pirelli was chosen over Bridgestone, Domenicali emphasized the importance of balancing technical and commercial aspects. He acknowledged Bridgestone’s interest in returning to F1 and its role in demonstrating that F1 is a platform for other manufacturers to join. Ultimately, the decision was made based on what was deemed best for Formula 1, considering both technical challenges and commercial opportunities.

F1 initially moved away from a tire war to control costs and prevent certain teams from gaining advantages through close partnerships with suppliers. While the possibility of having two suppliers could emerge when contract cycles span only three years, Domenicali stated that such a scenario would only be considered if it could reduce costs.

Domenicali explained that the decision to move away from tire competition was primarily driven by the need to control the cost of F1’s ecosystem. While it’s a point of relevance for the future, it is not currently on the agenda or under discussion with the FIA or teams.

Pirelli’s Executive Vice-President, Marco Tronchetti Provera, expressed the company’s willingness to compete against alternative suppliers, highlighting that Pirelli participates in over 300 championships worldwide, many of which have multiple tire suppliers.

Although the new agreement with Pirelli covers the period from 2025 to 2027, the company has an option to continue in F1 in 2028. The terms for activating this option will be discussed with the FIA in the coming months.