Second trailer for Enzo Ferrari biopic reveals glimpses of racing and business drama

Ferrari Trailer (

Upcoming film explores Enzo Ferrari’s complex character, violent racing history, and business challenges

The highly-anticipated Enzo Ferrari biopic has released its second trailer, offering an exciting preview of the multi-faceted film. While the first trailer highlighted Adam Driver’s portrayal of Enzo Ferrari’s personal side, this new trailer delves into the world of racing, business, and the emotional dynamics within the Ferrari team.

Director Michael Mann has made it clear that the film won’t shy away from depicting the aftermath of gruesome racing crashes. The latest trailer provides glimpses of these incidents, hinting at intense and visceral scenes to come.

The movie appears to center around the 1957 Mille Miglia race, a pivotal moment for Ferrari’s racing legacy and business survival. In 1957, only 18 years after Ferrari founded his company, victory in motorsport was crucial for selling road cars. The film underscores the era’s “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” marketing strategy, highlighting the foundational role of racing in Ferrari’s history.


The trailer also sheds light on Enzo Ferrari’s uncompromising approach to racing, emphasizing the importance of winning and his no-nonsense attitude towards drivers. This character portrayal adds depth to the film’s exploration of Ferrari’s legacy.

“Two objects cannot occupy the same point in space at the same moment in time,” a fundamental principle of racing, is mentioned in the trailer, underscoring the intensity and precision required in motorsport. Ferrari’s strict expectations for his drivers are evident, as he bluntly refers to one of his Formula 1 drivers as “slow.”

The Enzo Ferrari biopic is set to premiere in US theaters on December 25, 2023, promising an engaging and dramatic Christmas Day for those intrigued by Enzo Ferrari’s captivating life and Ferrari’s racing heritage.