2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV 2LT and RS AWD trim levels to offer 288 HP

Chevrolet Blazer EV RS (carscoops.com)

Chevrolet has announced the power figures for the 2024 Blazer EV 2LT and RS AWD trim levels. These all-electric models will generate 288 horsepower (215 kW/292 PS) and 333 lb-ft (451 Nm) of torque, providing solid performance and capability for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

Key Points:

Blazer EV Power Levels:
Chevrolet has revealed the power specifications for the 2024 Blazer EV 2LT and RS AWD variants, which will both produce 288 hp and 333 lb-ft of torque. While these figures are significantly lower than the top-of-the-line Blazer EV SS model (557 hp and 648 lb-ft of torque), they still offer ample power for most EV drivers.

Other Trim Levels:
It remains unclear how much power the FWD version of the Blazer EV 2LT and the RWD version of the RS trim will generate. However, the FWD Chevrolet Equinox EV produces 210 hp and 242 lb-ft of torque, offering some context for the power levels of these Blazer trims.

Availability and Prices:
The Blazer EV RS AWD will be the first to reach dealer showrooms this summer, with prices starting at $60,215. The RS RWD variant is set to cost slightly more at $61,790. The AWD version of the 2LT trim will be available at an MSRP of $56,715. Pricing details for the SS trim and the FWD 2LT version have not been released yet.

Launch Schedule:
Chevrolet plans for a rolling launch of these Blazer EV trim levels, with different variants entering the market at different times. The RS AWD will be available in the summer, followed by the RS RWD and 2LT AWD in the fall. The SS model is expected to arrive in the spring of 2025. However, the entry-level 1LT trim, previously set to start at $44,995, has been canceled.

Chevrolet’s release of power figures for the 2024 Blazer EV 2LT and RS AWD trim levels provides valuable information for potential buyers. These variants offer a balance of performance and affordability in the Blazer EV lineup, making them compelling options for electric vehicle enthusiasts.