Nissan dealer attempts $90,000 markup on 2024 NISMO Z, more than the car’s MSRP

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El Monte Nissan in California is trying to sell a 2024 Nissan NISMO Z for $89,995 over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Nissan’s MSRP for the NISMO Z is $68,500, making this dealer markup significantly higher than the car’s base price.

Despite the fluctuations in the used-car market and the presence of markups in the automotive industry, El Monte Nissan in California has attracted attention by attempting to sell a 2024 Nissan NISMO Z with a substantial $89,995 markup. The NISMO Z is Nissan’s latest offering, featuring unique styling, increased horsepower, improved downforce, and suspension enhancements. However, it is only available with an automatic transmission and comes with a higher starting price compared to the base Z.

Dealer’s Excessive Markup:
El Monte Nissan is seeking a total of $158,495 for the 2024 NISMO Z, despite Nissan recommending a price of $68,500 for this model. The dealer’s pricing decision has raised eyebrows among potential buyers, given the significant difference between the car’s MSRP and the asking price.

Dealer’s Explanation:
The dealer has attempted to justify its high markup through a written notice, which one person shared on Facebook. The notice incorrectly spells “NISMO” as “NIZMO” and suggests that this vehicle is in high demand with low production, hence the premium pricing. However, it’s worth noting that the vehicle’s base price is already significantly higher than the standard Z model.

Reactions and Consequences:
El Monte Nissan’s decision to impose this substantial markup has been met with backlash from customers and automotive enthusiasts. Several individuals have given the dealership one-star reviews on Google, explicitly mentioning the price gouging. One person even contacted Nissan directly to address the situation.

The incident has gained attention on social media platforms, including a Nissan enthusiast group on Facebook. As of the latest updates, numerous comments on the situation have been posted, with many poking fun at the dealer. Buyers have raised questions about why they would pay such a high price when they could potentially get a Nissan GT-R for a similar amount, considering that the GT-R starts at $120,990.

El Monte Nissan’s attempt to sell a 2024 Nissan NISMO Z with a nearly $90,000 markup has garnered significant criticism from customers, and the dealership has faced backlash on various online platforms. The incident serves as an example of the controversy surrounding dealer markups and their impact on potential buyers’ decisions.