Grounded transforms GM Electric vans into RVs with the G2

Detroit-based startup offers the G2 electric RV based on the GM BrightDrop Zevo 600 van.

Grounded G2 electric (

Grounded, a Detroit-based startup, has introduced the G2, an electric recreational vehicle (RV) based on the GM BrightDrop Zevo 600 van.

The G2 follows the earlier release of the Grounded G1 and boasts an extended range compared to its predecessor. It’s equipped with a 165-kwh battery pack from the Zevo 600, providing up to 250 miles of range. Additionally, a 10-kwh “house battery” powered by a rooftop solar array is included for lighting and appliance use.

Measuring 290 inches in length with a 183-inch wheelbase, the G2 offers 615 square feet of living space, which can be fully customized. The RV features front and rear heating and cooling, indoor shower and wet bath options, hot water, induction stovetops, and Starlink Internet connectivity. It can also add 170 miles of range per hour through DC fast charging using its Combined Charging Standard (CCS) connector.

Grounded provides an app for owners to monitor electricity consumption, control appliances remotely, and check the charge level. The RV comes with an eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty for electric powertrain components from BrightDrop, with an additional one-year warranty for interior fittings. Driver assistance features, such as forward automatic emergency braking, front and rear parking assist, and active lane control, are carried over from the base van.

The pricing for the Grounded G2 starts at $195,000, and interested customers can place a $1,000 refundable deposit. The startup anticipates starting deliveries within the coming weeks. However, this timeline may be overly optimistic due to GM’s current challenges in scaling up production of its Ultium electric vehicles.

GM produced just 333 BrightDrop electric vans, including the Zevo 600, in the first nine months of the year, with 35 of them being manufactured in Q3. Production of these vans has been temporarily halted at the Ingersoll, Ontario, plant due to battery supply issues, as they rely on batteries from Ultium LLC.

Grounded faces competition from commercial fleets, such as Ryder, which expects to receive 4,000 BrightDrop electric vans for its fleet through 2025. While electric RVs present a promising concept, they come with unique challenges related to range and charging infrastructure. Several companies are working on electric RV solutions, but many are still in the development and testing phase, making the Grounded G2 a notable entry into this emerging market.