GM, Honda, and Cruise to launch Driverless Ride-hailing service in Japan by Early 2026

Cruise Origin (

General Motors, Honda, and GM’s autonomous driving subsidiary, Cruise, have announced a joint venture to introduce a driverless ride-hailing service in Japan, set to commence in early 2026.

The companies plan to establish the joint venture in the first half of 2024, utilizing the Cruise Origin autonomous vehicle for rides in Tokyo, Japan’s largest city.

The service will kick off with dozens of Cruise Origin vehicles, with a subsequent expansion to a fleet of 500 Cruise Origins. The long-term vision includes further scaling and extending the service beyond central Tokyo.

The Cruise Origin, a self-driving vehicle jointly developed by GM, Cruise, and Honda, is purpose-built for driverless ride services. It lacks a driver’s seat and steering wheel, providing a spacious cabin that accommodates up to six passengers facing each other. To access the service, customers will utilize a dedicated app on their smartphones for the entire process, from hailing to payment.

This innovative driverless ride service aims to offer a novel mobility experience in Japan, catering to a diverse range of customers, including business professionals, families, and visitors.

In addition to revolutionizing mobility, the venture also aims to address societal challenges in Japan, such as shortages of taxi and bus drivers. The collaboration between Honda and the newly formed joint venture will involve close coordination with various stakeholders, including local municipal governments and transportation service providers.

The Cruise Origin will make its debut in Japan at the Honda booth during the Japan Mobility Show 2023. This joint venture represents a significant step towards realizing advanced autonomous mobility solutions on a global scale.