Tesla Cybertruck test vehicle encounters charging trouble and size comparison with Ford F-150

image from cascoops.com

Ongoing Problems Plague the Tesla Cybertruck Test Vehicles

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced an upcoming launch event for the Cybertruck at the end of November. However, despite this, Tesla’s electric truck is facing ongoing issues. A forum user shared photos of a Tesla Cybertruck in Mojave, California, requiring assistance from a tow company. The vehicle had stopped at a supercharger station and was reportedly experiencing charging problems, highlighting potential teething issues in the Cybertruck’s development.

The photos from the forum user also include a size comparison between the Tesla Cybertruck and a Ford F-150 pickup. While both vehicles appear to have a similar width, the Cybertruck is notably shorter, mainly due to its distinctive roofline. It’s worth noting that the Ford F-150 benefits from an off-road suspension provided by the Raptor trim package, enhancing its overall size and capability.

Meanwhile, another Cybertruck test vehicle was spotted with roof racks positioned over the bed. This suggests that the Cybertruck will feature four mounting points for roof rack crossbars. Owners will be able to utilize the truck’s unique shape to secure longer items over the extended, flat roof.

Despite Musk’s announcement of the Cybertruck’s upcoming launch event, he emphasized that Tesla is still grappling with production challenges. Achieving volume production and positive cash flow for the Cybertruck remains a significant challenge, given the vehicle’s advanced technology and unique design. Musk noted that reaching the full production target of 250,000 units annually won’t be realized until 2025, six years after the initial announcement.