Chery introduces iCar TI 01: A sleek electric sedan with Apple-esque design elements

Chery’s iCar TI 01 (

Chery’s iCar brand, not affiliated with Apple, presents its latest electric sedan, the TI 01, blending sleek design elements with innovative technology.

Chery, under its newly established iCar brand, has unveiled its latest creation, the TI 01, a stylish four-door electric sedan boasting design elements reminiscent of Apple’s iconic aesthetic.

Earlier this year, iCar first caught attention with the unveiling of an eye-catching SUV and an electric sports car concept at the Shanghai Auto Show. The sports car concept, previously known as the iCar GT concept, has now evolved into the TI 01 for production. While the production model retains some elements from the concept, significant changes have been made.

One of the most noticeable alterations is the shift from a two-door configuration to a four-door layout. While the exact rationale behind this change remains unclear, it’s evident that a sedan has the potential to appeal to a broader consumer base compared to a sports car. The front of the production model showcases a more refined design, featuring subtly shaped contours and smaller horizontally-oriented T-shaped LED headlights and daytime running lights.

Moving to the side profile, the TI 01 makes a bold statement with its flush door handles, black rocker panels, and distinctive silver and black wheels. The traditional wing mirrors have been replaced with cameras, contributing to the sedan’s modern and streamlined appearance. While not quite as sleek as the all-electric Lotus Emeya sedan, it comes close with its low roofline and elongated bonnet. A prominent forward-facing LiDAR sensor is prominently positioned on the roof.

At the rear, one can identify some similarities to the original concept. However, similar to the front, the proportions have undergone significant adjustments. Notably, a pair of smaller T-shaped LED taillights draw immediate attention, along with a vertically positioned third brake light integrated into the bumper. Regrettably, the distinctive illuminated ‘i’ emblem featured in the concept is notably absent.

Although technical specifications for the iCar TI 01 from Chery have not yet been disclosed, further details are anticipated to be unveiled soon. Enthusiasts and consumers alike can eagerly await more information on this intriguing electric sedan.