Toyota’s bold electric concepts: The FT-3e SUV and FT-Se sports car

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Toyota unveils the FT-3e SUV and FT-Se sports car, showcasing futuristic designs and hinting at a promising electric future.

Toyota made a dazzling appearance at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 by introducing two electrifying concepts: the FT-3e SUV and the FT-Se sports car. These visionary electric vehicles represent a significant departure from Toyota’s conventional offerings, signaling the company’s ambition to make a substantial impact in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Although these vehicles are currently in the concept stage, they exhibit a strong potential for production, especially with Toyota’s forthcoming advancements in battery technology. These innovations promise lighter, higher-energy-density batteries, including solid-state technology, which could pave the way for these concepts to become production-ready.

The FT-Se sports car, in particular, stands out as an exciting prospect for enthusiasts. It boasts a sporty and agile stance, featuring striking design elements such as vertical daytime running lights and a prominent rear wing. Adorned with GR badging, the FT-Se is poised to deliver a thrilling driving experience reminiscent of Toyota’s acclaimed GR86 and Supra, all while relying solely on electric power.

Inside the FT-Se, modernity meets a driver-focused layout. A central digital driver’s display, flanked by two smartphone-sized screens on each side of the rectangular steering wheel, ensures a futuristic yet practical driving environment. The cabin’s color scheme, with blue Recaro seats and orange accents, exudes sportiness. The blue padding on the center console serves a purpose, protecting occupants’ knees during spirited driving. This dynamic sports car concept is developed with a motorsports-inspired foundation, emphasizing the joy of driving.

Although technical details are scant, there’s hope that Toyota has prioritized weight reduction for the FT-Se, inspired by the Caterham Project V, which showcased a lightweight electric sports car weighing under 2,700 pounds. Additionally, the mention of a manual transmission mode suggests that drivers will have ample control over their exhilarating driving experience.

This isn’t Toyota’s first foray into electric sports car concepts. In 2021, Toyota and Lexus revealed a slew of electric concepts, some of which are now destined for production. Although an earlier concept hinted at a small convertible sports car with GR badging, it’s apparent that the FT-Se pursues a unique design philosophy, suggesting that Toyota may have multiple electric sports cars in the works.

The FT-3e SUV, a radical departure from Toyota’s existing SUV lineup, showcases contemporary exterior styling with bold features like exterior digital displays on the lower body panels. These displays relay crucial information like temperature, battery charge, and interior air quality as the driver approaches the vehicle. With a plethora of interior digital interfaces, including rearview cameras replacing traditional mirrors, the FT-3e appears to embrace innovation to the fullest.

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Koji Sato, Toyota’s CEO, emphasized the significance of Toyota’s software platform, named Arene, which ensures that next-generation EVs remain up-to-date and well-connected to a wide range of applications. The FT-3e’s cabin demonstrates a bright and natural color scheme, incorporating sustainable materials such as wood-like finishes. The minimalistic interior design forgoes traditional knobs, switches, and even door handles.

While the FT-3e’s powertrain specifics are undisclosed, hints at a manual transmission mode suggest a sporty driving character. The vehicle’s spacious interior, featuring a 118-inch wheelbase, offers the roominess of a minivan with the headroom of a RAV4, all while maintaining a compact and futuristic design.

Toyota’s FT-3e SUV and FT-Se sports car concepts underscore the brand’s determination to reinvent its electric future with daring designs and advanced technologies, promising a more electrifying driving experience for enthusiasts and consumers alike.