iPhone 15 wireless charging in BMW cars causes NFC chip failure, Apple confirms

BMW (carscoops.com)

Some iPhone 15 users have reported a significant issue related to wireless charging in BMW cars, which appears to cause NFC (Near Field Communication) chip failure. As a result, affected users lose the ability to use features like Apple Pay, and the only apparent solution is to replace the phone entirely. This issue is said to affect BMW models and one Toyota model.

Reports of this problem first emerged earlier, with individual accounts of wireless chargers in BMW models impacting NFC functions. Now, Apple has internally confirmed this problem, indicating that all versions of the iPhone 15 are susceptible to NFC chip failure when charged wirelessly in these vehicles.

However, Apple has not disclosed the exact cause of the issue or the specific actions it will take to address it. The company is said to be planning a software update later in the year, which may help rectify the problem.

Users have reported that even brief periods of wireless charging in BMW cars can lead to irreversible damage to the NFC chip. This problem is not reported by Android users, and some iPhone users with previous-generation phones do not seem to experience similar issues.

Furthermore, Toyota’s MKV Supra, which is built in collaboration with BMW and features a similar wireless charger, is also potentially affected by this problem based on the Apple memo.

The situation is being closely monitored as more information becomes available.