Motorcyclist survives violent crash but suffers over 20 broken bones

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This video features a motorcyclist who narrowly avoided a catastrophic accident. The incident, which occurred about four months ago and was shared on social media by Street_Demon_PC on Instagram and YouTube, shows the rider engaging in risky road behavior.

The video shows the motorcyclist approaching a GMC Sierra pickup truck and colliding with its tailgate. The impact knocks the rider unconscious, but he lands on his still upright and rolling motorcycle. As the motorcycle drifts across lanes, a tractor-trailer comes dangerously close to running him over and separates the rider from his bike.

Despite the severity of the crash, the motorcyclist takes full responsibility, acknowledging that it was his fault. He cites overconfidence and inadequate skill as contributing factors. As a result of the crash, he suffered more than 20 fractures in his face, a broken arm in two places, two fractured spinal discs, a broken rib, and a collapsed lung.

The motorcyclist expresses his intention to ride again in the future but with significant changes. He recognizes the need to prioritize safety over thrill-seeking, aiming to have fun while ensuring his safety for the long term.