Nissan Unveils Hyper Force: 1,341 HP electric sports car with GT-R DNA

Nissan GT-R (

Nissan has introduced the Hyper Force, an all-electric sports car with 1,341 hp (1,000 kW) that draws inspiration from the GT-R.

The concept features Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology, lightweight construction, and a solid-state battery. While not explicitly stated, the GT-R’s influence is evident in various design elements.

The Hyper Force concept is designed to appeal to racing enthusiasts and gamers alike, with features such as GT and R driving modes. The car boasts optimal weight balance, lightweight carbon construction, and active aero components, including canards, a front lip, a rear spoiler, and fender vents.

The interior features an adaptive infotainment display developed in partnership with Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital. In R mode, the cabin is illuminated with red ambient lighting and provides vital racing data, while GT mode offers a more relaxed driving experience with blue accents.

Furthermore, the Hyper Force includes super-futuristic features such as an augmented reality system that projects digital ghosts on virtual circuits for drivers to compete with. The car also enables virtual racing experiences using a special helmet and a real steering wheel and pedals when parked.

While Nissan doesn’t explicitly confirm that the Hyper Force is the future design language for the next-generation GT-R, several design elements, such as tail lights and a pixelated badge, hint at its potential influence. The concept is a high-performance, all-electric sports car that pushes the boundaries with its impressive power output.

Nissan President and CEO Makoto Uchida emphasized that the Hyper Force embodies Nissan’s commitment to a sustainable future and the pursuit of excitement in mobility. The concept showcases Nissan’s innovative approach to EV technology and design, aiming to offer a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world without compromising on passion and dreams.

As Nissan continues to explore the possibilities of electrified performance, the Hyper Force represents a bold step forward that could shape the future of the GT-R and high-performance electric vehicles.