Kia Australia partners up with local firm to Re-use, Re-purpose, and Recycle EV Batteries

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Kia Australia has entered into a partnership with Infinitev, a local firm specializing in battery lifecycle management solutions, to extend the life of the batteries used in its electric vehicles (EVs).

Infinitev will perform safety checks on batteries from Kia’s EVs that have diminished functionality. After these checks, engineers from Infinitev will use diagnostic tools to evaluate individual modules within the battery pack. Based on these evaluations, modules are categorized as ‘A grade,’ which can be reused to build new batteries, ‘B grade,’ suitable for repurposing into battery energy storage systems, or ‘C grade,’ in which they will be recycled by Infinitev’s partners to recover valuable materials. This partnership aims to promote responsible battery management, reduce waste, and preserve valuable resources, contributing to a greener Australia. The exact timeline for implementing the battery assessment program has not been confirmed yet, given that the first Kia EVs entered the market in 2021. The program is expected to offer a sustainable solution for electric vehicle batteries at the end of their life, addressing environmental concerns and promoting a circular economy.

The partnership between Kia Australia and Infinitev emphasises the importance of responsible battery management in the electric vehicle industry. Reusing and repurposing batteries not only extends their useful life but also reduces waste and supports the adoption of electric vehicles in a sustainable manner. This program provides a significant step forward in addressing environmental concerns associated with electric vehicle batteries.