Verstappen calls for stricter post-race checks after US Grand Prix disqualifications

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Max Verstappen advocates for equal scrutiny of team cars in plank wear tests.

In the wake of the United States Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has raised concerns over the selective post-race checks and called for a more comprehensive examination of Formula 1 cars, especially when one car from a team fails inspection. Both Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc faced disqualification after their cars were found to be non-compliant with plank wear regulations.

At the Circuit of the Americas, where numerous drivers, including Verstappen, complained about the track’s bumps, the FIA maintained its practice of checking only four cars. As a result, Carlos Sainz of Ferrari was promoted to a podium finish in third place, and George Russell moved up to seventh.

Hamilton disclosed that he had been informed that other cars might have also failed the test, leading him to suggest the implementation of a more rigorous inspection process to prevent drivers from escaping penalties. Verstappen, when asked if the FIA should consider analyzing every car post-race, said, “Ah, but then you get the race result on Tuesday, I guess when you have to check out the car. The problem is that it’s just impossible to check everything.”

Verstappen acknowledged the challenges of examining every car but suggested that if one car from a team is found to be in breach, both cars should be investigated. He argued, “I think the only thing is when you check one car of the team and it’s illegal, then I think you should check the other one as well. Otherwise, you DQ one, and the other one moves up one position when normally you always run quite similar setups.”

In addition to his concerns about selective inspections, Verstappen criticized the Sprint format, suggesting that the entire issue could have been avoided if teams had more practice hours before locking in their setups under parc ferme regulations. He asserted that eliminating the Sprint format would allow teams to prepare their cars more effectively, avoiding last-minute adjustments that might lead to compliance issues.

Verstappen’s comments highlight the ongoing debate surrounding post-race checks and the need for a fair and transparent process to ensure that all Formula 1 teams adhere to the regulations, while also emphasizing the importance of sufficient preparation time for the teams to meet the required standards.