Renault Open to Engine Supply Talks with Andretti Amid F1 Entry Approval Delays

Michel Andretti (

Alpine Interim Team Principal Bruno Famin Indicates Willingness to Revisit Power Unit Agreement

Alpine’s interim Team Principal, Bruno Famin, has expressed Renault’s openness to reinitiate discussions with Andretti regarding engine supply if the American outfit secures approval for its Formula 1 entry in 2025. The FIA had accepted Andretti’s proposal, but the final approval from Formula One Management is pending.

Earlier agreements between Alpine and Andretti for power unit supply had expired, leading to uncertainty. General Motors, planning to enter F1 as a Cadillac-branded engine supplier in 2028, aims to collaborate with Andretti. However, Andretti requires an interim powertrain for the transition period until the new engine regulations in 2026.

Famin clarified that the delay in F1’s verdict on Andretti was the reason behind the previous comments, and Renault is willing to renegotiate if Andretti’s entry gets approved. Famin stated, “If they have an entry, we are happy to resume the talks. For the time being, it’s a bit on standby, and not due to us; it’s because the length of the process is much, much, much longer than expected.”

He emphasized that the ball is now in F1’s court, and if Andretti secures entry, Renault is willing to discuss a potential power unit deal. Famin highlighted that while previous pre-contracts had expired, Renault is open to dialogue, provided Andretti adds significant value to F1 without diluting the championship’s overall worth.

Renault, as a sole engine supplier to a single F1 team, is ready to revisit talks, distinguishing itself from rivals like Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull Powertrains, which supply multiple teams. Renault is committed to the next cycle of Power Unit regulations, aligning with key manufacturers in the sport.