Ford Recalls Nearly 190,000 Mavericks Due to Turn Signal Alert Software Issue

Ford Maverick (

Recall Addresses Software Configuration Flaw, Notifying Drivers of Faulty Rear Turn Signal Lamps

Ford has initiated a recall affecting approximately 190,000 Ford Mavericks in the United States due to a software glitch that may prevent drivers from receiving alerts about malfunctioning rear turn signal lamps. In the recall notice issued through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford highlighted that the Body Control Module (BCM) software is not configured to detect a failure in one bulb on each circuit, thereby failing to notify the driver of the issue.

Scope of the Recall:
The recall encompasses a total of 189,814 Ford Mavericks manufactured between February 3, 2021, and November 16, 2023. The affected vehicles fall within the model years 2022-2024.

Identification and Resolution:
The concern was identified by Ford’s Critical Concern Review group following a discovery by the Systems Engineering and Validation team during future vehicle development testing. In response, Ford promptly issued a stop-ship for the impacted Maverick models on November 21, 2023. The recall was officially approved on December 8, 2023.

Minor Nature of the Issue:
While the software flaw raises a potential safety concern, Ford has emphasized that the issue is relatively minor. It doesn’t pose a serious safety risk to drivers or passengers.

Resolution Process:
Owners of the impacted 2022-2024 Maverick trucks will be notified of the recall by January 5, 2024. Ford encourages affected owners to visit a Ford or Lincoln dealer where the BCM will be reconfigured at no cost. The reconfiguration aims to rectify the software issue, ensuring that drivers receive proper notifications in the event of a faulty rear turn signal lamp.

Ford’s Recall Performance:
This marks Ford’s 54th recall in the United States for the year 2023, impacting a total of 5,692,135 vehicles. The company has been proactive in addressing various issues to ensure the safety and functionality of its vehicles. Notably, Ford has led in the number of recalls issued among car manufacturers in 2023, underscoring its commitment to addressing potential concerns promptly.