Verstappen Picks Best and Worst F1 Weekends of 2023 Season

Max Verstappen Red Bull (

Max Verstappen, the triple world champion, took some time to reflect on the 2023 Formula 1 season, a year dominated by him and the Red Bull Racing team. With 19 victories out of 22 races, Verstappen had an array of standout wins to choose from. In an interview, he shared his thoughts on his best and worst race weekends, highlighting strong performances and challenging moments.

Best Race Weekends:


Described Spa as a “very strong weekend.”
Appreciated the overall performance and strength displayed by the team.

Japan (Suzuka):

Considered Suzuka as a “very strong one.”
Highlighted the outstanding performance from lap one and the excellent balance during qualifying.
Verstappen’s Suzuka weekend was remarkable for his immediate pace in free practice, dominance in qualifying, and a commanding victory in the race. He particularly enjoyed the balance and quality of driving during the Japanese Grand Prix.

Worst Race Weekend:

Baku (Azerbaijan):

Acknowledged Baku as his “worst one” of the season.
Mentioned dissatisfaction with how everything was going during the weekend.
Despite finishing second in the race, Verstappen felt it was the worst he had felt in the RB19.
In Baku, Verstappen faced challenges, including missing out on pole position and experimenting with set-up options during the race. While the weekend didn’t result in a victory, he viewed it as a valuable learning experience for the upcoming races, emphasizing the importance of trying out different tools and setups.

Interestingly, Verstappen did not pick Singapore, the only race Red Bull failed to win, as his worst weekend of the year. He characterized Singapore as “just off” and attributed it to mistakes with the set-up and a generally messy race.

As the F1 season unfolded, Verstappen’s reflections provide insights into the highs and lows of a dominant championship year. The ability to learn from challenging moments and extract valuable lessons is a testament to his strategic approach to racing.