Renault Targets Affordable EV Market in Europe with Rebooted Twingo in 2026

Renault Twingo Concept (

Fourth Generation of the Twingo Promises Nostalgic Design and Sub-€20,000 Starting Price

Renault is set to revive the iconic Twingo as part of its push into the affordable electric vehicle (EV) segment in Europe. The upcoming fourth generation of the Twingo aims to capture the spirit of the original while delivering a modern EV experience. With a nostalgic design previewed by the “Legend” prototype, Renault promises a starting price below the €20,000 ($32,500) mark, positioning the Twingo as an attractive option for budget-conscious EV buyers.

Design Inspired by the Original:

The design of the Twingo prototype, known as “Legend,” closely follows the 1992 original’s signature traits.
Maintaining the iconic elements, the new Twingo features a slightly larger and more aerodynamic body with five doors instead of three.

Urban EV with a Touch of Nostalgia:

The Twingo aims to capture the charm of the original while offering a compact and efficient urban driving experience.
Renault received an enthusiastic response to the Legend prototype, indicating a positive reception for the upcoming model.

Underpinnings and Efficiency:

The Twingo will likely ride on the new EV-native AmpR Small architecture (formerly known as CMF-BEV platform).
The new platform promises a “best-in-class efficiency” of 10 kWh/100 km, with a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions over the vehicle’s lifecycle compared to average European ICE vehicles in 2023.
Compact footprint, occupying 20% less ground space than typical European cars.

Affordable Pricing and Leasing Options:

Renault aims to achieve a starting price below €20,000 ($32,500), making it an affordable entry into the EV market.
The EV will be available for leasing for less than €100 per month, with even cheaper options for eligible participants in the French Social Leasing scheme.

Production and Launch:

The Twingo will be developed and produced in Europe by Renault Group’s newly-formed Ampere Unit.
The Novo Mesto plant in Slovenia is rumored to be the production location.
European market launch expected by 2026.

Competitive Landscape:

The new Twingo will enter a competitive urban EV segment with rivals such as the Citroen e-C3, Fiat Panda, VW ID.1, and offerings from Hyundai, Kia, and Opel.
Renault aims for the Twingo to be a game-changer, combining affordability, efficiency, and a nostalgic design.

Renault’s Twingo reboot represents a strategic move to make EVs more accessible to a wider audience, leveraging the popularity and legacy of the original Twingo while embracing modern electric technology. The model is expected to contribute to Renault’s broader electrification efforts and strengthen its position in the affordable EV market.