Alonso Contemplates F1 Exit: Expanded Calendar Could ‘Drain My Battery, Not Driving

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Two-Time Champion Expresses Concerns Over the Intensity of F1’s Expanding Schedule

Alonso’s Future in F1 at Risk Due to Lengthening Calendar

Fernando Alonso, the oldest driver on the Formula 1 grid at 42, has hinted at a potential exit from the sport, expressing concerns about the ever-expanding F1 calendar. Despite remaining a competitive force with Aston Martin and securing eight podiums in the current season, Alonso points to the demanding schedule, especially the 24-race calendar for the upcoming year, as a factor that might lead him to leave the sport.

Alonso’s Perspective on F1 Exit: Not Due to Lack of Motivation

While acknowledging that he won’t retire due to a lack of motivation or feeling slow on the track, Alonso emphasizes the toll the extensive calendar may take on his personal life. The seasoned driver, known for his self-confidence, mentions that the demanding schedule, particularly with a triple-header ending in Las Vegas, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi, could “drain his battery, not driving.”

Alonso’s Comments on F1 Exit and Calendar Strain

“I said many times, even before in 2018, the day that I will stop racing is not because I feel not motivated for driving or I feel slow,” Alonso asserts. He remains confident in his performance but acknowledges that the intensive calendar might prompt him to consider leaving the sport. Alonso highlights the physical and mental toll of a demanding season, particularly with an expanded schedule of 24 races.

Similar Sentiments: Verstappen Shares Concerns

Current champion Max Verstappen, 16 years Alonso’s junior, echoes similar sentiments about the demanding nature of the F1 schedule. Despite Verstappen being contracted with Red Bull until 2028, he has indicated that the grueling schedule could influence his decision to potentially walk away from F1 at the end of his current contract. Alonso acknowledges Verstappen’s perspective, noting that feelings about the future can change over time.

Reflections on Career and Uncertain Future

Having walked away from F1 once before due to frustrations with McLaren in 2018, Alonso’s current considerations for a potential exit are markedly different. The focus is now on the impact of a packed schedule on personal life. Reflecting on his past, Alonso mentions signing contracts with thoughts of them being the last, only to find himself still competing years later. The uncertainty about the future prevails, and Alonso leaves room for possibilities.

F1’s Evolving Landscape and Personal Priorities

As Formula 1 continues to evolve, the toll on drivers’ personal lives due to an expanding calendar becomes a critical factor. Alonso’s contemplation of an exit based on the demanding schedule sheds light on the changing dynamics within the sport. The concerns raised by Alonso and Verstappen bring attention to the need for a balance between a competitive sporting environment and the well-being of the drivers, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by seasoned competitors in the pinnacle of motorsport.