Volkswagen’s Solid-State Battery Prototype Surpasses Industry Standards in Tests

Volkswagen Solid State Batteries (

Successful Testing Indicates Potential for Long Ranges, Quick Charging, and Minimal Aging

Volkswagen AG recently conducted tests on a new solid-state battery prototype developed by QuantumScape, showcasing remarkable results that exceeded industry targets. The solid-state battery, a critical advancement in electromobility, was tested by VW’s in-house battery unit, PowerCo, with results indicating high performance and longevity.

The battery underwent more than 1,000 charging cycles, equivalent to 310,685 miles, and demonstrated a mere five percent loss of storage capacity after the extensive test. This exceptional result surpasses industry standards, which typically allow a maximum loss of 20% after 700 charging cycles.

PowerCo’s CEO, Frank Blome, expressed enthusiasm about the results, stating, “These are very encouraging results that impressively underpin the potential of the solid-state cell.” The solid-state battery is seen as a transformative technology for electric vehicles, offering the potential for long ranges, rapid charging, and minimal aging.

While QuantumScape, in collaboration with Volkswagen, aims to bring the solid-state battery to market quickly, challenges in mass production and scaling manufacturing processes persist. The focus has shifted to consumer electronics batteries in the interim. Volkswagen’s next-generation Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) is expected to incorporate solid-state batteries, but the confirmed release date remains uncertain.

Other automakers, including Toyota and BMW, are also investing in solid-state battery technology, with varying timelines for mass production. Volkswagen’s recent successful tests position it as a frontrunner in the development of solid-state batteries, emphasizing their potential benefits for electric vehicles.