Mansory Unleashes Bold Visual Upgrade for BMW 7-Series G70

Mansory BMW 7S (

Mansory’s Carbon Fiber Bodykit Adds Supercar Spice to the Luxury Sedan

While many are busy preparing for holiday dinners, Mansory has taken the spotlight by unveiling a visually striking upgrade for the BMW 7-Series G70 via social media. Aimed at enthusiasts seeking more than the factory M Sport package offers, Mansory’s kit injects an extra dose of aerodynamic flair into the luxurious sedan.

The showcased Mansory-tuned 7-Series exemplifies a full-black exterior, accentuating exposed carbon fiber and subtle red accents on the added components. The luxury sedan’s distinctive nose receives a significant upgrade with a prominent splitter featuring side fins, accompanied by carbon-fiber embellishments surrounding the split headlights and bumper intakes. The profile boasts decorative side gills, mirror caps, and extra fins on the side skirts, while the rear sees enhancements with spoilers and a larger diffuser as part of the rear bumper extension.

The 7er rolls on fully forged FD.15 wheels, 22 inches in diameter with a Rolls-Royce-inspired design, announced as an option for the BMW flagship. Finished in black to complement the “murdered out” theme, these wheels add to the bold aesthetic. While the interior details are limited to Mansory branding on carbon fiber side sills and floor mats in the provided photo gallery, Mansory offers bespoke interior treatments upon request.

Despite the visually captivating upgrades, Mansory refrains from mentioning any performance enhancements, maintaining the stock powertrain. While badging has been removed, the quad tailpipes suggest that the modified model could be based on the 760i xDrive, equipped with a mild-hybrid turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 producing 536 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque from the factory. The Mansory-tuned 7-Series G70 is a testament to blending luxury with bold aesthetics, creating an attention-grabbing presence on the road.