2024 Genesis GV60 Review: A Blend of Luxury and Performance in an Elegant Package

Genesis GV60 (carbuzz.com)

Genesis GV60 Expands Lineup with More Affordable Model and New Features

The 2024 Genesis GV60, the luxury brand’s first all-electric vehicle, continues to make waves with expanded offerings for the model year. This small luxury crossover, equipped with the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), presents a compelling blend of elegance, performance, and advanced features. Here’s a closer look at the key aspects of the 2024 Genesis GV60:

Exterior: Distinctive Design and Attention to Detail

The GV60’s exterior design, penned by 9design, stands out in the competitive electric vehicle market. The compact luxury crossover boasts unique elements such as a distinctive triangle above the grille, split headlights, spider web wheels, and a distinct kink in the roofline.
The exterior color options, including Atacama Copper, Barossa Burgundy, Mauna Red, and Hanauma Mint, contribute to the GV60’s individuality.
Interior: Luxury and Innovation

The interior of the GV60 reflects a “affordable Bentley” design language, offering a luxurious and comfortable cabin. Nappa leather seats with quilting, a two-spoke steering wheel, knurled buttons and knobs, and a floating center console with a unique illuminated orb contribute to the overall aesthetic.
Dual 12.3-inch displays, a rotating knob, and a glass touchpad provide multiple options for controlling the infotainment system. While wireless CarPlay and Android Auto are not yet available, the wired connection suffices, and the Bang & Olufsen Premium audio system offers an excellent sound experience.

Performance: Diverse Range and Acceleration Options

The GV60 lineup now includes a more affordable GV60 Standard with a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive configuration, offering a balance between power and range.
The GV60 Advanced, featuring all-wheel drive and a dual-motor setup, strikes a middle ground in terms of performance and driving range.
The GV60 Performance, the top-tier model, delivers an impressive 429 horsepower, with a Boost mode providing an additional 54 horsepower for rapid acceleration. The 800-volt charging architecture allows for fast charging speeds up to 235 kW.

Virtual Gear Shift (VGS): Innovative Driving Experience

The 2024 model introduces the Virtual Gear Shift (VGS) feature, simulating gear shifts and adding a unique touch to the driving experience. Accompanied by a simulated engine sound through speakers, the VGS feature aims to appeal to enthusiasts accustomed to traditional transmissions.
Practicality: Size, Storage, and Charging

The GV60, though not large, offers practical rear legroom and cargo space, accommodating various needs. The smaller footprint compared to its Hyundai and Kia counterparts is complemented by a 24-cubic-foot cargo area, expandable to 54.7 cubic feet.
The 800-volt charging architecture enables rapid charging, with peak speeds of up to 235 kW, allowing a 10-80% charge in just 18 minutes under ideal conditions.

Pricing & Verdict: Choices and Considerations

The GV60 lineup introduces a more affordable GV60 Standard, providing an enticing option for those prioritizing range over performance. However, the base model comes with certain feature limitations.
The GV60 Advanced strikes a balance between luxury amenities and driving range, while the GV60 Performance caters to enthusiasts seeking maximum power.
Pricing considerations range from $52,000 for the Standard to $69,550 for the Performance, offering distinct options for potential buyers.

The 2024 Genesis GV60 presents a compelling choice in the electric luxury crossover segment, combining distinctive design, advanced features, and diverse performance options. While facing competition from Kia, Hyundai, and Tesla, the GV60 sets itself apart with a blend of luxury and innovation. The introduction of the GV60 Standard expands the lineup’s appeal, providing more choices for potential buyers.