Goodyear Unveils ElectricDrive 2: Enhancing EV Performance and Sustainability at CES 2024

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The ElectricDrive 2, Goodyear’s Latest EV-Specific Tire, Takes Center Stage at CES, Promising Improved Performance and Reduced Noise for Electric Vehicles

While CES has traditionally been a showcase for consumer electronics, its increasing relevance in the automotive sector was evident as Goodyear chose the platform to introduce its latest ElectricDrive 2, a second-generation EV-specific tire. Scheduled for a nationwide release in the U.S. starting May, the tire will be offered in 17 different sizes, ensuring compatibility with popular electric vehicles such as Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Chevrolet Bolt, Audi Q4 e-tron, and more.

In the quest for superior performance coupled with a quieter driving experience, Goodyear adopted innovative design elements for the ElectricDrive 2. The tire features a new asymmetric tread pattern to enhance grip in both dry and wet conditions. Additionally, Goodyear’s SoundComfort Technology is integrated to address tire air cavity resonance, significantly reducing unwanted noise within the vehicle cabin. This acoustic barrier tackles the vibration of air inside the tire that contributes to the overall noise, presenting a marked improvement in the auditory experience for EV drivers.

A notable emphasis on sustainability accompanies the ElectricDrive 2, with Goodyear incorporating at least 50% sustainable materials. These include soybean oil, rice husk ash silica, and sustainably sourced natural rubber. While specific warranty details for the new tire are yet to be disclosed, the predecessor, ElectricDrive, boasted an impressive 60,000-mile warranty. Goodyear aims to align with the evolving preferences of EV owners, acknowledging their priorities for enhanced performance, sustainability, and a quieter ride. David Reese, Goodyear Americas Vice President of Product Development, expressed the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of consumers and the market as electric vehicles continue to gain widespread adoption. The ElectricDrive 2 stands as a testament to Goodyear’s dedication to advancing with the changing landscape of the automotive industry, offering a tire that blends innovation, performance, and eco-conscious design for the electric vehicle segment.