Mitsubishi Unveils Winter-Ready Concepts at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

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As the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unfolds in Las Vegas, Japanese automotive giants are gearing up for the Tokyo Auto Salon, with Mitsubishi taking center stage with its array of rugged, winter-ready concepts.

2024 Triton Takes the Spotlight
Leading the charge is Mitsubishi’s 2024 Triton, dazzling attendees with its “Yamabuki Orange Metallic” hue. Beyond its striking color, the pickup showcases a plethora of accessories: tonneau covers, door sill garnishes, and protective fender guards, amplifying its aesthetic and functional appeal.

Snow Shredder Concept: The Ultimate Winter Beast
For the thrill-seekers and snowboard enthusiasts, Mitsubishi’s “Snow Shredder Concept” Triton steals the show. Engineered with a snorkel designed for navigating icy terrains, reinforced bumper and underbody guards, and beadlock-capable wheels, this concept is a testament to off-road prowess. Its practicality extends with side-mounted compartments, a roof rack, and a roof box—ensuring adventurers are well-equipped for mountainous escapades.

Ralliart’s Rally-Ready Triton
Adding to the lineup is the Ralliart-tuned Triton, strategically positioned as a formidable rival to the Ford Ranger Raptor. While it may not match the Raptor’s power upgrades, the Triton embraces rally-inspired features: a snorkel, rally-style mud guards, and mud-terrain tires, all accentuated by the iconic Ralliart livery.

Delica D5: Conquering Asia’s Terrain
Mitsubishi doesn’t stop there. The Delica D5 “Asia Cross Country Rally 2023” proudly showcases its prowess with mud flaps, aggressive tires, and a roof-mounted basket illuminated by trail lights, embodying the spirit of off-road adventures.

Rugged Trio: Outlander, Delica D.5, and Delica Mini
Embracing the theme of adventure, Mitsubishi introduces off-road iterations of the Outlander, Delica D.5, and Delica Mini. The Outlander PHEV Active Field, albeit subtle, boasts roof-mounted crossbars, black accents, and a distinct hood graphic. Meanwhile, both Delica variants embrace the “Chamonix Snow Gear package,” drawing inspiration from the famed French ski resort, complete with green mirror caps, rugged wheel designs, and roof-mounted accessories.

In essence, Mitsubishi’s Tokyo Auto Salon booth encapsulates the spirit of adventure, offering enthusiasts a glimpse of vehicles designed to conquer any terrain.