De Tomaso P72 Hypercar Set to Grace Roads in Late 2024

De Tomaso P72 (

Iconic Model to Enter Production with Partnership from HWA Engineering

Exciting news for hypercar enthusiasts as De Tomaso officially confirms that the highly anticipated P72 will commence production in the latter half of 2024. The announcement, made via the company’s Instagram, indicates that the inaugural unit is slated for delivery by year-end.

Contrary to previous speculations, the production of the P72 will see collaboration with engineering firm HWA. Recognized for its involvement in projects like the Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II restomod and the Apollo Automobili’s Intenza Emozione, HWA’s partnership with De Tomaso comes as no surprise, given the shared connection with the Apollo brand.

Originally unveiled in 2019, the De Tomaso P72 boasts a distinctive design inspired by ’60s automotive aesthetics, a carbon fiber monocoque sourced from the Apollo Intenza Emozione, and a mid-mounted V12 engine. However, the production version will feature a Ford Coyote supercharged V8 in place of the initially planned V12.

With a limited production run of 72 units and an initial starting price of €750,000 ($820,680), it remains unclear if these figures have undergone any adjustments. The switch to the supercharged V8 brings an intriguing dynamic to the hypercar’s performance profile.

In 2022, De Tomaso unveiled the P900, a track-oriented variant of the P72, featuring a naturally aspirated V12 engine and a hefty price tag of $3 million, with only 18 units available. The production timeline for the P900 remains uncertain, and all eyes are now on the imminent arrival of the P72, set to captivate automotive enthusiasts with its unique blend of design and performance.