AC Future Unveils the eTH: Pininfarina-Designed Electric Transformer House

AC Future eTH “Electric Transformer House” (

A Luxurious, Expandable EV for Off-Grid Living and Mobile Workspaces

In response to the growing trend of embracing off-grid living and remote work, AC Future introduces the eTH, an innovative fully electric concept crafted by Pininfarina. The eTH, short for “Electric Transformer House,” breaks conventional RV norms with its expandable walls, transforming it into a lavish living space or a mobile workspace.

The eTH’s exterior boasts a modern, boxy design with sleek LEDs and a bus-like greenhouse. The standout feature is the movable side and rear walls, expanding the interior to a spacious 400 square feet (37 m²), rivaling the size of a small European apartment. This versatile design caters to adventure-seeking families or digital nomads in need of a flexible mobile office.

The interior of the eTH reflects a blend of modern luxury and functionality. The living room, kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom feature collapsible and modular furniture for a customizable layout. The dashboard seamlessly transforms into a workspace, facilitated by a retractable steering wheel and rotating seats.

Emphasizing sustainable living, the eTH incorporates retractable solar panels on the roof, generating 25 kWh of clean energy. Coupled with a presumably sizable battery pack, this enables the EV to stay off the grid for up to seven days. Additionally, the “Atmospheric Water Generator” system collects moisture from the air, providing a daily supply of up to 50 liters of clean water.

Equipped with Starlink, the eTH ensures occupants have global internet access for work and entertainment. While details on the electric powertrain, range, and dimensions remain undisclosed, the EV features cutting-edge driver assistance systems for on-the-road safety.

AC Future envisions the eTH as a sustainable living platform for short-distance adventures. While it’s unclear if the project will enter production, the eTH presents a compelling design study, making waves at events like CES and hinting at an exciting future for recreational vehicles.