Toyota Showcases Aggressive Styling with Modified GR Yaris and GR Corolla Models

Toyota GR Tokyo (

Special Concepts at Tokyo Auto Salon Demonstrate Enhanced Aesthetics and Performance

Toyota presented a pair of customized models, the GR Yaris RR x GROW Concept and the GR Corolla x GROW Design, at the Tokyo Auto Salon, showcasing aggressive styling and visual alterations for increased appeal.

GR Yaris RR x GROW Concept:

  • Modified with parts from Rookie Racing, the concept boasts a pronounced front splitter and side skirt extensions.
  • Features silver wheels with purple lug nuts for a distinctive look.
  • Rear enhancements include a lip on the bumper, titanium exhaust tips, and a rally-inspired rear wing.
  • Ride height appears to be lowered, contributing to a sportier stance.

GR Corolla x GROW Design:

  • Equipped with a subtle front splitter and side skirt extensions for an enhanced exterior.
  • Showcases mismatched wheels with a black finish on the passenger side and a gold/bronze finish on the driver’s side.
  • Rear updates include a large wing, a new spoiler below the rear window, and a tweaked rear diffuser.

While Toyota has not confirmed the production status of the showcased parts, it has announced official performance options for the updated GR Yaris, including a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber rear wing, low-inertia dual-mass flywheel, and track-focused shock absorbers. These modifications highlight Toyota’s commitment to providing enthusiasts with both aesthetic and performance enhancements for their GR models.